Letter to the Editor: Still looking for that sunshine

(This is in response to the column entitled “Let the sun shine on open, transparent government,” Lake Orion Review, March 16, 2022, Page 7)
Dear Editor,

I missed this last week, Sunshine Week, and want to add that a resident of the City of the Village of Clarkston spent five years battling the city for records hidden in the city attorney’s office.
The city lost but it went all the way to the Michigan Supreme Court and probably cost well over $700,000 just in legal fees.
Win or lose, few people have that kind of time, money, and expertise. Bisio v. City of the Village of Clarkston for those that are interested.
It was reported on numerous times in the Clarkston News and the plaintiff created a Facebook group and a blog at clarkstonsunshine.com just to report on what the city wouldn’t.
In the Village of Lake Orion, where I now live, I understand that what the village attorney does is not reported to the council and public. Just a bill for unknown services, supposedly reviewed administratively, but no way to know since the work is not publicly revealed.
Pretty hard for the public to question things they know nothing about, like potential and real legal problems.
More sunshine is still needed.

Cory Johnston
Lake Orion

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