Letter to the Editor: Support for McGinnis, Need

I am writing to endorse both Cheryl McGinnis and Greg Need for the Clarkston Community Schools Board of Education.
Cheryl received the MASB President’s Award. They are both strong advocates for public education in Clarkston, and both are endorsed by the Clarkston Education Association. They were part of implementing the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, to ensure the needs of all students are met.
Our latest M-STEP test results show what can happen when students have the necessary support to help them achieve!
It is also worth noting that they are the only two board members to answer questionnaires for Vote411/League of Women Voters, as well as the Clarkston News. In fact, I must admit I was surprised to see one incumbent challenger claim bias, since I read a lengthy article about her in the Clarkston News! Alarmingly, in the article this challenger highlights that she is against Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our schools.
There is a reason so many corporations have DEI initiatives because it is recognized that diversity is a strength, and when people feel a sense of belonging, when they feel they aren’t excluded, they perform better and, in turn, the company has better performance.
Who wouldn’t want our children to feel a sense of belonging in their daily lives, and to not feel excluded?
The schools were a key differentiator for us when considering where we would live, and I have been grateful to have my children taught in such a wonderful school district. I hope we can maintain the momentum these two have helped oversee during their years of service.
If you feel the same, I urge you to reelect both Cheryl McGinnis and Greg Need for Clarkston Community Schools Board of Education.
Brooks Lamb-Budny

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