Letter to the Editor: Talking the upcoming elections

Dear Editor,

Thank you to candidates at all levels who are conducting campaigns without attacks on their opponents.
Many voters would like to see political ads from an incumbent that tell what he/she has done for constituents since being elected.
Ads from challengers should spell out policies or different ideas being proposed.
John James has a lovely multigenerational family, attended a prestigious military academy with a code of honor and is proud of his military and business experience.
However, his campaign has used a number of facts to put together an intentional misrepresentation of his opponent’s record in the U.S. Senate.
What does this tell voters about John James’ character and ethics?
I’m sure there are policy differences that could be expressed, rather than waging a smear campaign.
Kudos to Michael Bouchard and Elissa Slotkin, among others, who are running campaigns without mudslinging.

Marilyn Pomeroy

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