Letter to the Editor: Trump’s tenure leaving questions unanswered

Dear Editor,

Donald Trump’s tenure as perhaps the most corrupt and divisive “president” in history is quickly coming to a humiliating close, but Congress still must not fail to address his conduct through impeachment.
Sadly, though, we see many of Trump’s GOP enablers feigning concern and even outrage at the result of his most recent seditious conduct—a sort of fig leaf for their own complicity over the last four years as they ignored or supported his misconduct any ethical person knew was contrary to decency and American values.
They sometimes took cover as “Christians for Trump,” something we all know neither a loving God nor ethical being would condone. But now last week’s terrorist attack on the Capitol, witnessed by the world, has presented a public relations nightmare for Trump’s congressional and other enablers.
They are focused on their political careers as they scramble for cover and seek to minimize, conceal and deny their own roles.
The congressional “leaders” insist that they do not condone Trump’s seditious behavior, but they argue that efforts to hold him accountable by impeachment will be divisive, impeding the nation’s “healing” and “reconciliation”—something of little concern to them until last Wednesday’s tragic event in Washington.
Their phony campaign to excuse the “president” mirrors the threat by Trump that his 75 million voters will not tolerate the “disrespect” of his impeachment.
These political fig leaves, disguised as somewhat disingenuous concerns, are little more than a sophisticated but insulting form of bullying designed to facilitate ongoing cover and political cover for the political perpetrators.
Ethical action by Congress to hold Trump accountable is being held hostage by implied threats that peace and cooperation will not be encouraged and facilitated by the GOP unless the criminal conduct of the “president” is ignored and goes unaddressed. It is enough, they say, to allow him to quietly slither away. But we all know the value of such a deal. No cooperation or healing will occur, and ugly heads will emerge, again. No price has been paid, no restitution made for the harm. It has instead been rewarded and reinforced.
Well, the world is watching, and history will record how America deals with the likes of Trump.
Will Trump’s abusive conduct and harm be ignored or whitewashed for the sake of political expediency?
Or will our congressional leaders show patriotism and unity in applying American values and accountability?
How will it all be explained to our children?

Mike Fetzer

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