Letter to the Editor: Vote for Petterson

Dear Editor,

Voting in an election in a democracy such as the United States of America is a duty and privilege for all eligible citizens!
The electoral process for local government is the foundation for having a safe, prosperous, and secure community here in Independence Township. In 2022, Clarkston residents have an opportunity to elect a township supervisor worthy of leading our neighborhoods and collaborating with constituents to establish home rule policies that strengthen and unite us rather than divide us.
The successful leader of a community identifies and listens to public concerns, collaborates with resources to resolve problems and does not look for excuses, AKA root cause excuses. Instead, a great leader assesses the problems for risk, investigates the problem, collaborates on an action plan, and works toward resolving problems and concerns for all.
Over the years, it has been a pleasure for me to acquaint myself with the son of one of my favorite neighbors and see him grow into a responsible person who earned a position as a Trustee serving our community while his proud mother enjoyed his accomplishments. This young man recently contacted me to convey his intent to seek the office of Independence Township supervisor.
I support and encourage you to meet and get to know this candidate for Independence Township supervisor. Some of his qualifications that I have observed include:
• The knowledge of operational systems and problem resolution pathways during his tenure as a trustee,
• Knowledge of a local business dealing with infrastructure repair from the ground up and at a supervisory level,
• Serving his country as a Marine and patriot,
• Encouraging young athletes to succeed and celebrate their worth, and
• Investigating and caring about the safety and well-being of our neighborhood residents.
I hereby declare my support of Mark Petterson for Independence Township supervisor, a position that is not just a job, but an opportunity and privilege to serve.

J. Lincicome

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