Letter to the Editor: Warriors for school board

Amanda Love and Christy Giampetroni have been beating the pavement from morning until night, introducing themselves and their platforms regarding the rights of parents, academic excellence, fiscal responsibility, and accurate and accessible Transparency.
Who does that with a young family? Mothers who care and feel a need to do so.
Someone brought them to my attention, and as I watched their websites and two days later met them in person, I realized that since Amanda and Christy are young mothers and the other candidates are empty-nesters and are seasoned members of the school board, these two women have a better handle on what is going on today.
They have fresh ideas and are well qualified AND they’re not only parents with school-age children, but know other parents who feel there’s a need for change, so much so, they felt a need to do something.
I’m a grandmother and I’ve heard many stories that are upsetting, and while it’s good to hear positive accolades and there are many, there is rumbling involving the children who find it hard for “many” reasons to find their way. These two women hear and experience where areas need change every day. I was very impressed with each of them and their passion to make the necessary changes that face our future generation.
Amanda and Christy are THEIR warriors. They want to be the voice for them and the many frustrated parents who need help. They love Clarkston and all it offers.
I’m asking you to give them a chance. They will be your warriors as well. It’s time for a fresh change. Please vote for Amanda Love and Christy Giampetroni for Clarkston School Board.
Make a difference where a difference is needed.
Saundra Clancy

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