Letter to the Editor: We need solar energy

Dear Editor,

The closing of one of Michigan’s most prominent nuclear energy plants should be a call for awareness of the use of solar energy in personal and commercial settings.
In Michigan, we have a one percent cap that limits the number of people and small businesses that can install a rooftop solar system and be connected to the grid. This cap is a favor to the big utility companies who hold a monopoly on an essential resource across the state. Studies show that Michigan no longer needs this cap.
As our state moves away from coal, transitioning and allowing individuals to choose to generate their own clean energy is a pathway to a renewable energy focused future.
Pursuing change for allowed personal energy sources will lead to a more self-sufficient state, reaching clean energy goals, and lowering energy costs. By removing the cap, more people can install solar to save money, support a cleaner environment, as well as create and protect thousands of solar energy jobs in Michigan.
That’s why we need to tell our state lawmakers to support House Bill 4236, which will remove the cap on rooftop solar.

Nolan Cook

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