Letter to the Editor: We vote for Fisher

Gerald A. (Jerry) Fisher was unanimously appointed by the Independence Township Board in October 2021 to fill the unexpired term of the previous supervisor.
Jerry is excelling as township supervisor. His experience, leadership and communication skills have brought back a previously lacking positive attitude to the department heads and employees at township hall. This is something we know is essential to the operation of any enterprise but especially needed in public service.
Jerry served for about 25 years as the Independence Township attorney. In that time, he helped stop two landfills, a 487-acre gravel pit, a Kmart mall, a Walmart, and a number of other high-density developments. Without Jerry’s involvement, it is safe to say we would live in a different community today … if we chose to live here at all.
Jerry also served for 10 years as chairperson of the Oakland County Parks and Rec Commission. There he oversaw an annual budget of $26 million. With that background, Jerry recognizes the deficiencies of our senior programs and facilities and is dedicated to their enhancement.
In the recent past, Sashabaw Road has received the bulk of the Township Board’s attention while Dixie Highway has been ignored. In the short time since Jerry was unanimously appointed, he has put into place an important effort to remove the blight, recognize the economic and aesthetic importance of the Dixie Highway corridor and establish a source of funding that will allow revitalization.
We know the other candidates well. It is interesting to note that two of Jerry’s opponents are current board members who voted in favor of his unanimous appointment to supervisor. This came after they were unsuccessful in earning the board’s appointment for themselves – a tell-tale sign we believe.
We have lived in Clarkston for 56 years and have seen many public servants come and go. Jerry is not on a quest for power nor in pursuit of a stepping stone for a higher office.
Based on our experience and historical knowledge of all candidates, Gerald (Jerry) Fisher is most qualified and dedicated to doing the best job for Independence Township.
Fred & Sheila Ritter

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