Letter to the Editor: What is city government hiding?

Dear Editor,

I am reading the headline page from the Wednesday, August 12th edition, “Residents questioning village government.”
As I read, I understand there is a matter of an FOIA issue ongoing.
From reading the article, it begs the question of not why records are sometimes kept offsite, but why is the village fighting so hard and purposely to keep them from being seen?
Seems their energy would be better spent in just fulfilling the request to provide them.
Leads many of us to believe there is something they do not want the public to see or know, and that is not good!
It seems very fishy even after a Michigan Supreme Court ruling they are still in defiance, but why?
With this enlightenment, it will surely make more residents take notice of what is happening at the local level and to make sure that there aren’t improprieties ongoing. Clean it up, and provide the records already!

Dave Laatsch

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