Letter to the Editor: Who stole the signs from the downtown holiday planters?

Dear Editor,

I’m writing on behalf of the Clarkston Farm & Garden Club.
This past week, the Garden Club prepared the planters along Main Street for the upcoming holiday season.
Included were signs of Charlie Brown for the Charlie Brown Christmas trees.
Unfortunately, within a few days, four of the signs were stolen along with many of the pinecones the club had gathered and added to the planters.
In fact, one of the actual trees had been almost completely pulled out of the soil!
Our club works hard and takes a great deal of pride in decorating our planters for the beautification of our downtown and enjoyment for people who frequent our downtown businesses.
And we understand we have a lot of guests from other communities that visit our downtown and may not realize how much work goes into this.
To say we are disappointed is an understatement.
We have pulled the Charlie Brown signs out of the planters for now and hope to add them back in when we light the trees as the holidays get closer.
I’m writing this letter so that our community knows this has been an issue, not just now, but many times in the past.
The Garden Club receives so many compliments from the community on the work we do with the planters every season.
We know this sort of behavior is only from a few people, but it impacts us all.

Thank you,
Diane Putvin
Clarkston Farm & Garden Club

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