Letter to the Editor: Why do we resort to road rage?

Dear Editor,

Why would anyone try what appeared to be inciting someone to road rage?
I was involved in two incidents recently that defy logic and certainly defy common sense.
One was on Andersonville Road when the car in front of me slowed down to about 20 mph. The speed limit at that location was 50 mph. No flashers, no turn signal, and in a “passing allowed” zone, so I passed them.
That apparently offended them so much that they gave me the bird and a very dirty look.
Why would anyone do that to someone for whom they have no idea who they are, their history, or their capability?
The second incident was similar but on Ormond Road. The vehicle in front was going very slow and no turn signals and actually at that area, nowhere to turn into, so I passed them.
They gave me the bird and flashed their lights, but they kept going very slow anyway, blocking more cars behind them.
I drive a newer vehicle, clean and not showy or expensive, so that should not be a factor.
I strongly suggest NOT picking a fight with someone you have no knowledge about, even if they do have gray hair.
That person could be an ex or current police officer, an ex-Navy Seal, an ex-Marine, a retired sniper and even a retired (or maybe even current) assassin.
That person could also be sick and hurrying to a clinic, a family member could be in peril and they are rushing to their aid, or other similar situations.
Think about it. Just stay calm and be considerate of others.
If I am driving really slow (lost or searching for an address, etc.) and someone is behind me, I will pull over and let them by.
There is no good reason that I should hinder their drive.
Everyone’s time is valuable and the older you get, the more valuable it becomes because you have less of it left.

With regards,
John Benedict

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