Letter to the Editor: Why the delay on storm drains?

Dear Editor,

The following quote appeared in a Jan. 19 article in The Clarkston News about a recent Clarkston City Council meeting:
“For a few reasons, it is not feasible to install storm drains on Clarkston Road this year, but plans are in place to repave the badly deteriorated roadway in 2022 from Main Street to the city/township border, where the township’s 2021 paving work ended,” said Clarkston City Manager Jonathan Smith.
Regarding the roadway problems at the corner of Clarkston Road and Main Street, no reasons have EVER been made public for the lack of storm drains at Clarkston Road and Main Street and this problem has been ongoing for about 30 years.
And, clearly, paving the area will not SOLVE it.
This is a problem which has the potential of effecting the quality of Parke Lake, and may already be doing so, and the quality of life for those living there – city and township.
When will the public be informed of the “reasons” for the lack of the installation of storm drains and plans to address it address it?

Tom Stone

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