Letters to the Editor

Reader asks of right to bear nukes

Dear Editor,
The many campaign ads, commercials and debate comments by political candidates advocating fervent concern for loss of gun rights initially seemed misplaced, unsophisticated, and even stupid from my perspective.
After all, where is the political and government leadership’s concern for real issues like jobs, education, crumbling infrastructure, and health and retirement security? It seemed as though politicians had waged an insulting campaign of pandering against local voters.
But I have come to realize that I was wrong. The nation’s founding fathers insisted upon the public’s constitutional right to bear arms to protect the people from a tyrannical and oppressive government.
Certainly, the government we have today more than 200 years later is at least incompetent and corrupt, and arguably oppressive, so our right to bear arms must not be infringed upon now at this critical time. But some modernization and updating is required if we are to fulfill the intent of our founding fathers.
Now that government arsenals have been upgraded with nuclear, laser, chemical and other more sophisticated weaponry, it seems unsuitable and unfair that the general public is limited to owning limited capability weapons like muskets, shotguns, and deer and assault weapons.
The oppressive government is even trying to restrict public use of drones! If our constitutional right to bear arms is to be fully protected, Congress must act now to ensure that every American, no illegals or immigrants, can own his/her personal stock of nuclear and other weapons commensurate with our need to protect us from our government.
No background checks; the privacy, security and constitutional rights to bear arms of extremists and the mentally ill must be protected, too.
Obamacare must be eliminated and the healthcare subsidies should be made available for the poor to purchase weapons. Only in this way can we all be safe.
Congress doesn’t seem to be particularly busy, so perhaps the leadership could at least solve this problem.
Michael C. Fetzer
Independence Township

Fourth of July sponsorship appreciated

Dear Clarkston News,
Thank you for participating in the 2016 Independence Fest as a Cannon Blast Sponsor!
Your support helped make this year’s festival and accompanying fireworks memorable and fun for the Clarkston community. Your sponsorship reflects your dedication and loyalty to our community and is appreciated immensely.
The day would not have been a success without your support. It certainly set the scene for a fabulous day of celebration and appreciation. Individuals and organizations like yours make a genuine commitment to make the Clarkston area a better place to work, live and play!
Thank you again for your sponsorship. We are already looking forward to next year and hope we can work with you again!
Amy Laboissonniere,
sponsorship coordinator
Independence Township Parks, Recreation and Seniors