Letters to the Editor

Community conversation about Depot Park

Dear Editor,
Friends of Depot Park (FDP) invite the community once again for a conversation about Depot Park.
Last November several gathered for the first time at the Clarkston Independence District Library (CIDL) to share their thoughts and hopes for the park. Since that time, the FDP, a committee of the Clarkston City Council, has been hard at work, taking ideas from that November conversation; working toward implementation of several of them and planning others
The CIDL is a perfect forum for this type of discussion. Julie Meredith, Library Director, and her team facilitate a dialogue and capture information from public input.
Since last November’s meeting, the FDP has accomplished several things they would like to report, a little “show and tell,” then open the floor for a dialogue about future improvements.
This Aug. 15 conversation will focus on children’s activities in the park.
Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and especially children, if 7 p.m. is not past their bedtime, are encouraged to come and take part in this discussion.
The FDP wants to learn more from the community, their observations, underlying values and the tangible benefits residents want in their community park.
Please mark your calendar now to attend this event: A Community Conversation about Children’s Activities in Depot Park, Aug. 15 at 7 p.m. at the Clarkston Independence District Library.
Eric Haven, chairman,
Friends of Depot Park committee

Reader calls out presidentially insulting comments

Dear Editor,
Are we now going to be subject to presidential name calling even in The Clarkston News? I am referring to the “disgusting pig” comment in the July 12 People Poll.
Simply because the intellectually bereft can post an opinion on Facebook is no reason to print it.
Please try to stick to what you do best and report on local news or at least use some ordinary decency when it comes to editing these comments.
Richard Meyer