Letters to the editor

Rough comments reflect president, reader says

Dear Editor,
In his recent letter to the editor (“Reader calls out presidentially insulting comments,” July 19), reader Richard Meyer recommends The Clarkston News refrain in future from reiterating/reporting comments like “disgusting pig,” posed by “the intellectually bereft” when referring to the American president.
It is difficult to argue against what may or may not be a sincere call for civility or, alternatively, another effort to censor a critic of the president, but I hope The News will adhere to proper journalistic and First Amendment standards by rejecting Mr. Meyer’s recommendation.
The comments about the president to which Mr. Myers purportedly objects are not profane or obscene.
They reflect an impression which the source has effectively conveyed in understandable language.
While not expressed in the language others may have preferred, note that the president himself, who purports to disdain political correctness, frequently uses identical and similar porcine terminology – as well as other arguably low-brow, insulting or sexually offensive terms – to refer to women, minorities and persons with disabilities during nationally televised and other events, all widely reported and analyzed in printed and electronic media as well.
If The News adopts Mr. Meyer’s recommendation, it simply will not be possible to fully and accurately quote and report on the daily speeches, tweets, comments and activities of this president. The result would be “fake news,” which the president detests. In any event, and as demonstrated by the president, even the intellectually bereft have free speech rights.
If it is true that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, it must follow that what’s good for the pig is good for the hog. If the president’s words get national broadcast and publication, the published words of those who do not share his values must be reported without censorship, too.
Mike Fetzer
Independence Township

Community support for Lions Club appreciated

Dear Editor,
The Clarkston Area Lions Club is very pleased to thank the Clarkston community for its support of our food booth at the Concert in the Park event on Friday, July 7.
This was a fund raising event for us and was assisted by local sponsors including Neiman’s Family Market, Culligan Water Systems, Costco, Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce, City of the Village of Clarkston, Independence Township, Kroger, Sam’s Club, Pete’s Coney, and Burger King.
Our booth had a complete sell out, which will assist the Clarkston Area Lions Club to continue to serve our local community, as we use 100 percent of donations and funds raised to go toward program services – no fund administrative expenses.
We thank the Clarkston community for its continued support.
Clarkston Area Lions Club

Thanks for spreading word on Farm and Garden Club

Dear Editor,
What a treat to open the Clarkston News and find my feature on Page 3; and with color photos!
Your continued support of Clarkston Farm and Garden Club activities and the club’s involvement is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your part in helping spread the word about the club’s many fine community projects.
Susan Sajdak
Clarkston Farm and Garden Club