Letters to the Editor

Thanks for community support for Rush for Food

Dear Editor,
We would like to thank the Clarkston community for their support in the 20th Annual Rush for Food on Saturday, Aug. 19.
Every year at this time, our Clarkston football players enjoy the opportunity to give back to the community that faithfully supports them.
The Varsity and JV players canvased over 40 neighborhoods while the Freshman team worked all afternoon sorting and stocking the pantry of Lighthouse North. The teams collected over 7,500 pounds of food!
Special thanks goes to the Clarkston Athletic Boosters, and Kopeski’s McDonalds of Royal Oak for donating supplies for the pre-Rush breakfast.
Thanks also go to the Clarkston Chiefs, Clarkston Dance Team and Clarkston Cheerleaders for contributing donations. Thanks to the many other parents and coaches who pitched in and volunteered at the event and provided additional donations!
Thanks go to my partners on the 20th annual Rush For Food parent committee which included Erika Heaton, Karen Nicklin, Kathy Kerrigan, Trish Newblatt, Steve Spears, Lisa/Joe jones, Jen Septer, Jen Ladd, and Chris Lenardson for their time and commitment in organizing another successful year!
Finally, we would like to thank the Clarkston News, St. Daniels Catholic Community, Mt. Zion Church, Pine Knob Urgent Care and the Clarkston Library for hosting community drop-boxes and the Clarkston citizens who generously donated to make this event, the 20th annual Rush For Food, such a great success! Together, we once again proved what a wonderful community Clarkston is to live in! Thank you.
Karen Nicklin, publicity
CHS Football “Rush for Food”

Reader predicts President Trump will live in infamy

Dear Editor,
Voter remorse. My sympathy for the voters who foolishly fell for the lies of Trump.
“Are we great yet?” No, absolutely not.
How sad to learn of his admiration of the KKK. His obsession with Obama is the fact a black man was successful and more popular.
Obamacare will endure while Trump’s destiny will be infamy.
Dale Bond