Letters to the Editor

Help wanted for school business programs

Dear Editor,
When tested on general financial knowledge, nearly 50 percent of high school seniors fail. We’re working to change that. H&R Block is committed to helping teens learn how to manage finances – so the kids of today become the financially responsible adults of tomorrow.
We have a method to accomplish this goal, Dollars and Sense. H & R Block has created lesson plans and student activities that a teacher can use to help students understand budgeting, reading a paycheck and understanding taxes, 401 (k) and insurance, savings and payment methods, credit scores and loans.
These class materials are being updated and are expected to be released Sept. 21.
Students can enter a Budget Challenge contest and compete for 10 college scholarships awarded annually of $20,000 each.
Our goal is to educate high school students so they are prepared to be responsible, financially secure adults.
We have national partnerships with DECA and other organizations to accomplish this goal. There is no cost to students or the school system. It is totally funded by H & R Block.
If you know someone at a high school who may be willing to work with this program, please email me at wallace.dean@tax.hrblock.com.
Wallace Dean
H & R Block, 7103 Dixie Highway

More attention called for during Football for Cure

Dear Editor,
We went to the Clarkston game last Friday night and I was appalled and embarrassed by the way the kids in the cheering, at least, I guess that’s what it’s supposed to be, section and way too many of the adults totally ignored the lady who was speaking about her own fight with cancer during half-time.
It was like she didn’t even exist out there on the field. What will it take for them to be respectful at a public event, in our homes, in the stores, etc., etc.
It may not happen until they have a loved one or themselves suffer like so many of our moms, dads, children, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and grandparents have of this hideous disease! So sad and depressing!
Deborah Thomas Stuart
Independence Township