Letters to the Editor

Thanks for art support

Dear Editor,
On behalf of the PTA of Springfield Plains Elementary, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to the generous businesses and volunteers that made our second annual Art Inspiration event a huge success.
Ms. Ryanne Shiner, SPE’s art teacher; April of McCourt’s Musical Instruments; Joanne of Joanne Gentile Photography; Leanna of Picasso’s Grapevine; Roxana’s Dance Expressions; Clarkston High School band students and National Honor Society students; and Lauren Burgess, event photographer and student at CHS.
It is because of their generous donation of time and artistic talents that we had 125 children explore music, art, dance and photography.
Students are encouraged to take another step in their art journey and enter the National PTA Reflections contest. The PTA Reflections is a nationally acclaimed student art recognition program to encourage artistic creativity in the classroom and at home.
Mollie Harrison, Kelly Hyer, Christie McElroy, Carrie Ouelette, Ryanne Shiner, Maria Siwek, and Melisa Taylor, 2017 SPE PTA Art Inspiration Committee

Join us in blue light campaign for Overall

Dear Editor,
The City of the Village of Clarkston’s light the night with blue lights campaign for the month of December had a great kick off.
Over 300 lights have been picked up from the City Hall and donations are coming in steadily. Other communities are also joining in our tribute as well.
Remember, this campaign is to honor Deputy Eric Overall Who was killed in the line of duty in the early morning on Thanksgiving day.
We have had many individuals from outside the city also stop by to give donations and pick up blue lightbulbs.
However, as we scour the area for blue light bulbs, we are finding it difficult to keep a supply on hand at the city office. I would ask that any citizen who, during their Christmas shopping, purchase a blue light bulb at any store that you may be shopping.
And, also remember it does not have to be single light bulb, it can be a string of blue lights or a single blue light replacing a candle light in a window.
Please join us in this small token of our gratitude to all fallen hero by placing a blue light, or a string of lights, or any display of blue lights on your property that signifies our gratitude and shows Deputy Overall’s family that we share in their grief and have them in our thoughts and prayers during the month of December and the holiday season.
Please stop in person or mail your donation to the city offices. All donations will go directly to the family.
We will be organizing a vigil later in the month to further show our support and gratitude to the family.
Please standby for further details and thank you to all those who have stopped by the city offices to show their support and all those who brightly display the blue light in honor of Deputy Eric Overall.
Steven Percival
Clarkston Mayor

A call to end gerrymandering in Congress

Dear Editor,
I too have been searching for elusive Rep. Bishop. He has no time for town halls, unless you live in Livingston County, and when you write to him you get a generic form letter 2-3 months later that does little to answer your inquiry.
Also, a call to his D.C. office is noncommittal on any position he has on a bill. He calls himself a conservative but is willing to vote to increase the deficit and debt if it will help the billionaires.
That is why I signed the petition “Voters Not Politicians” to end gerrymandering. Hopefully, it will be on the 2018 ballot and we Michiganders will vote to end gerrymandering and have an independent, non-partisan group to draw districts.
When an elected official is gerrymandered in, they don’t need to answer to their constituents only to the large money donors who keep them in office.
If you want a politician to represent the people of your district, regardless of party affiliation, please go the web site “votersnotpoliticians.com” and find a location where you can sign the petition to end this unfair gerrymandering of districts.
J. Pierson
Independence Township

Reader not impressed with tax cut talks

Dear Editor,
Folks, I am not kidding. The Conservative Paul Ryan, fiscal hawk, proposes they borrow tons of money in order to give a huge tax decrease.
What a great idea!
Why didn’t I think of that? I can borrow up to the hilt and live high on the hog.
Then, when I win the lottery, I can pay it back.
With apology to Kris Kristofferson, “Let the devil take tomorrow, tonight I need a friend.”
Now get this great idea, 10 years from now, when I am not in office, perhaps the Democrats will have to pay it back. Genius. Believe me, Ryan and Trump actually think they can pull this scam off.
Lock ’em up. We deserve better.
Not a sucker,
Dale Bond

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