Letters to the Editor

Congrats for musical

Dear Editor,
We moved to Independence Township about 40 years ago and our five children have all graduated from Clarkston High School and, with that foundation, each went on to earn their college degree.
Since our children’s graduation from high school, we have not been back much to enjoy and support the high school activities. We did some years ago attend some volleyball games as the daughter of a fellow Lion member was on that team. I believe she received a volleyball scholarship and went on to graduate from Cornell.
My wife recently read in the Clarkston News, the Clarkston High School Drama Club was presenting the “Magical Tale of Mary Poppins” and we decided to go at the last minute. The event was a full house but fortunately I met Amy Seaman, the producer and technical director, who was able to find us great seats, which we were very thankful for.
The show, which lasted nearly three hours, had a cast of over 75, an orchestra of over 20, and a crew of over 100. The event was a truly magnificent presentation with many outstanding songs. It was so memorable that at times we just said in amazement that with a cast this large, which even had sixth grade students as cast members, could put forth such a professional style performance.
We congratulate the staff, orchestra, crew, and of course the drama club officers, chairs, thespians, and all leaders and directors involved.
With this experience behind us we now plan to seek out other high school events. Can’t beat the three advantages of Clarkston High School events: the quick and easy journey there, inexpensive, and an opportunity to support our local schools.
I urge other families, particularly those who do not have children still in school, to check out the activities that are available at the Clarkston schools
Brace Case
Independence Township

Thanks for shoveling

Dear Editor,
On any given day in Clarkston, you can see people walking their dogs, jogging and just enjoying the outdoors.
As winter is hopefully winding down, I just wanted to thank everyone in our village who snowblowed/shoveled their sidewalks and maybe their neighbor’s sidewalks to keep our walkways passable. In spite of the numerous snowfalls, it was usually possible to walk/jog throughout our village this winter. Most sidewalks were shoveled and salted.
This is one of the many reasons I enjoy living in the City of the Village of Clarkston. Let’s continue to work together to make this village a wonderful place to live!
Linda Walker
PS. Now if we could only get a few more street lights down Main St. towards I-75 and on Clarkston Road … that would be great!

Kudos to coach

Dear Editor,
Congratulations Coach Fife – can’t think of anyone who should win another state championship than you and your team!!
Although we have moved from the cold and snow of Michigan we still follow our Clarkston Wolves and are so happy to see you win yet another championship.
It was a long time to win the first. However, perseverance won out and now you have them back to back. Our hats are off to you and the Wolves!!!
Ken and Phyllis Choops
Griffin, Georgia