Letters to the Editor

Fix roads with current funds, reader says

Dear Editor,
A new road millage is not the answer to better roads (“Township mulls road millage to fix roads,” April 11).
First we should start by lowering the weight limits commercial vehicles are allowed to carry. Overweight trucks crush our roads. Strictly enforce fines for over weight vehicles.
Repairing existing potholes by throwing asphalt by a shovel into the hole, pushed down by vehicle traffic, does not work. Properly prep the area, tack spray with asphalt primer, fill the hole and roll with a roller.
We currently have a property tax, county tax, gas tax and an increase in vehicle registration fees which was earmarked for road repairs.
With all of these current taxes we need to hold those agencies accountable to spend the proper amount that is collected for road repairs on road repairs.
If we pass a millage and pay more for road repairs they will continue to misuse those funds, and as always the taxpayer will pay more.
We could have good roads with the current amount collected if it was properly managed.
Michael Tharrett
Independence Township

Road millage would pay off for reader

Dear Editor,
I certainly agree our roads are in desparate need of attention, including our residential streets – let’s not forget them (“Township mulls road millage to fix roads,” April 11).
The Home Owners Association (HOA) I live in has been trying for several years to get our association to get its members to agree to a special assessment by the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC)to replace our streets, but at the cost of about $15,000-$18,000 per houshold to be paid over 10 years. I’ll let you guess where this idea is right now.
First, I believe the millage is a good idea. It would spread it out better and not be nearly as expensive individually, but I would like to see the millage include neighborhood streets in desperate need of attention, too.
A millage that will only include our main roads may have a little trouble getting buy-in from the voters if it doesn’t have a direct impact on them.
What I mean is, our roads are used by many more people than just the residents who live here in Independence Township. I know if I’m going to vote for my added taxes to pay for road repairs, I will have less heartburn if there is a guarantee the RCOC will contribute to the project.
That means the remaining money, if the full amount Mr. Kittle proposed of 2 mils is passed, could be used to repair residential streets as well.
Reviewing this every two years as suggested by Barb Pallotta would allow everyone who votes to make their own determination if this millage is worth extending.
I would go on to suggest an application process is put in place for neighborhood associations to use for whatever needs they have for their roads.
If/when approved, these neighborhoods would pay a percentage of the total cost as a special assessment, with the balance paid by the road tax collected.
I think this would be far less cost than what I mentioned earlier being tried by my HOA, and would be better received by the voter/tax payer. And guess what, it would contribute to the value of our neighborhoods and community when our roads looks good – inside and out. Just a thought.
Bob Cesario
Independence Township

New Summer Shindig fundraiser for SCAMP

Dear Editor,
The SCAMP Funding Corporation is excited to introduce a new fundraising event for SCAMP.
The Summer Shindig Party is on June 16. and will take the place of the SCAMP Home Tour this year. While the Home Tour has been a popular and successful fundraiser for 35 years, participation and support have decreased in recent years.
With that in mind, we have decided to explore other opportunities this summer and are excited for the change.
With over 50 percent of the 220-plus kids who attend SCAMP needing financial aid to attend camp, we need your continued support.
If you are interested in attending, in sponsoring or in donating money or auction items, please contact SCAMP at 248-623-8089.
As always, we are deeply grateful to all those who faithfully support our kids and SCAMP. We couldn’t make this happen without you!
Aimee Baker, executive director
SCAMP Funding Corp.

A call to bring back Clarkston Labor Day parade

Dear Editor,
For the first time in many, many years, Clarkston did not have a Labor Day parade, and it was missed, not only because it is a national holiday, but because it was one of the many reasons people from all over make Clarkston a destination.
Can’t some way be found to restore this event? Perhaps, it would help if we especially dedicated the day to those who “labor” for us, sometimes unselfishly, such as police, firefighters, teachers, nurses, public employees, Habitat, etc. What do you think?
Thank you.
Tom Stone

No to road millage

Dear Editor,
No! I definitely do not support a road millage (“Township mulls road millage to fix roads,” April 11).
More than likely, it would never be enough money and the millage would continue to go up. Wouldn’t it be “neat” if the additional sales tax added on gasoline for the purpose of fixing roads be used for just that!
But here we are again adding some more of the taxpayers money that never goes towards the initial issue the tax was intended for.
Wouldn’t it be “neat” if we had toll roads for all heavy delivery trucks and hundreds of nonresident concert goers, as well as other nonresidents, let’s share the expense with everybody in the little oasis called Independence Township! I definitely do not support a road millage.
Sandy Hultman
Independence Township

Millage bad idea

Dear Editor,
I think this is a really bad idea to assess Independence Township residents with the new tax to fix the roads (“Township mulls road millage to fix roads,” April 11).
We ought to be spending our time pushing the Oakland County Road Commission to get out here and fix them.
We are already paying for that. I’m afraid if we institute a tax here, that will give the county a reason to reduce allocation of the resources to our area. It’s only a natural move on their part.
In summary, let’s not add to our tax burden here, let’s work to solve it at the county level where the responsibility and accountability should live.
Jay R Taylor
Independence Township

No way to millage idea

Dear Editor,
Regarding the recent article about a special millage for roads in Independence Township, my answer is NO WAY (“Township mulls road millage to fix roads,” April 11).
We pay enough in road related taxes and fees for state and county roads already. If the township supervisor wants township residents to pay for paved roads let’s pave the roads the township owns.
Anyone who thinks the township will do a good job with a road millage needs to look at how it is doing with the sidewalk/safety path millage.
Over 25 years, township residents have been paying a sidewalk/safety path millage and still not one single path connects the north end with the south. Not one single consistant sidewalk down M-15. Not one down Sashabaw Road, Clintonville Road, or Holcomb. They did look into wasting $4 million for a pedestrian bridge over I-75 though.
I appreciate the time and fact Mr. Kittle is exploring options for the roads, but look into those that don’t raise taxes or fees.
Carl Bidinger
Independence Township

Support for road millage

Dear Editor,
I would be in support of an additional, not to exceed, 2-mill property tax increase for road repairs in the township (“Township mulls road millage to fix roads,” April 11).
David Fritzinger