Letters to the Editor

Tax idea questionable

Dear Editor,
There is no question many of the roads in Independence Township require repairs and maintenance (“Township mulls road millage to fix roads,” April 11). But I question more tax as a solution to the problem. There are a number of sources of tax revenue for roads such as user fees (gas tax, license plate fees, and tolls), and non-user sources (sales taxes, property taxes, and bond revenues). User fees make up the largest amount.
Before we decide to throw money at the problem (something we know doesn’t work), let’s take a look at how the highways are being funded currently. Maybe we need to change priorities in Lansing before we levy more taxes on ourselves. I understand Michigan is miserly compared to Ohio which has much better roads.
I also think we need to look at road repair technology. We know that cold patches are a waste of time and money, yet we continue to do it. Don’t tell me we can’t find something better. Gray 21-A (also called CR-6) is high density gravel that would seem better (it’s used as substrates on roads now). This is a filler not a patch, a different concept.
Asphalt itself is another area for investigation. Articles on plastic and rubber roads are common, and many new materials are being used. Where are we with new technology and new materials?
Finally, I think we should have a survey of the entire road system that comes under the aegis of the millage to determine what is going to be done where. This would be along the lines of a detailed master plan. So before we throw more money at the problem, let’s at least see how we intend to spend it beforehand. Maybe we need a multi-pronged approach rather than, or in addition to, the millage.
Vincent Bozzone
Independence Township

Millage lame idea

Dear Editor,
This has to be one of the lamest tax proposals I’ve ever seen (“Township mulls road millage to fix roads,” April 11)!
I am flabbergasted our supervisor would come up with a plan to fund road repairs from only property owners who more than likely make up a minority of total area users.
Please let the funding come from where it’s supposed to, the county tax and state and federal gas taxes.
Don’t add another $400 to my annual tax bill I can no longer itemize for. Hold the ones responsible for this mess at the next election.
James Ferrand
Independence Township