Letters to the Editor

Training for Autism

Dear Editor,
I am writing to inform you of the disconnect between adults with mental illnesses and insurance companies not covering services for them while they are not in crisis.
In 2008, the state legislators passed the Mental health and Addiction Equity Act where health insurance carriers were prevented from limiting benefits for mental health or substance disorders. Although this act was passed, insurance coverage for treatment is only guaranteed if the person with a mental illness meets medical necessity to receive residential treatment that lasts less than 30 days.
However, when it comes to adults with Autism, Spectrum Disorder (ASD), insurance companies do not cover the cost for them to receive social communication/social skills training for it is not deemed a medical necessity.
Some characteristics of ASD are avoiding eye contact, social awkwardness, and adverse reaction to changes in routine. They may also struggle with understanding conversations, facial expressions, and social norms. Ninety percent of adults with ASD are unemployed or underemployed. This is because someone with ASD may disregard another person’s perspective, become confrontational easily, avoids demands, struggle with interruptions, and refuse to try alternate strategies.
I feel this training is imperative for an adult with ASD to be successful in life. More information is available at Autism Alliance of Michigan and Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism. I am looking for support regarding insurance companies covering the cost of social communication/social skills training for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Those who do not receive social communication education are at risk of becoming homeless or imprisoned.
Thank you for your time.
Gretchen S. Neumann
Independence Township

Thanks for support

Dear Editor,
How do I begin to express my appreciation to Brenda Dominick and her fine interview and story in the Clarkston News?
Thank you, Brenda, for being with and supporting Keegan Miller in his interview also.
Clarkston and the Clarkston News will always have a warm place in my heart. During my time in World War II, Mr. Bill Stamp was the publisher.
In fact, I was his “paper boy,” delivering him the Pontiac Press. When I would come home on leave, I would always stop to see him at his home there and a couple of my letters home were published in the paper.
There were always articles in the Clarkston paper about the service men and women and their activities during the war.
Again, thank you for your kindness and the special interview you reported on.
Don Steiner

‘No’ to road millage

Dear Editor,
Absolutely no way would I vote for a road millage (“Township mulls road millage to fix roads,” April 11).
A couple of years ago, township Supervisor Pat Kittle checked into something like this but found out we would then not get any help from the state or Oakland County Road Commission.
Marsha Eagleton
Independence Township

Support appreciated for RUSH

Dear Editor,
We believe it takes a village to raise a robotics team!
Thank you to the students who have given up their lives for the past 11.5 months to become champions. Thank you for never giving up on the dream.
Thanks to the parents for feeding us, supporting us, driving us, making us feel like champions.
Thanks to the JrFLL, FLL and FTC Teams for supporting us along the way.
Specifically thanks to Technados for cheering us on at the World Championship as they were there, too!
Thanks to our major corporate sponsors, we couldn’t have built our field this year without your support. “Build a field and good things will happen.” We couldn’t have impacted the community and robotics world without your support!
We look forward to working with you again next year, specifically: BorgWarner, Cooper Standard, FCA, McLaren, Meritor, APTIV, Superior Automotive, Lawrence Plastics, Genisys, AMT, Continental Structural Plastics, ZF-TRW, Denso, Techmode GO, BAE Systems, Roechling, Dickinson Wright, Clarkston Dermatology, Advanced Disposal, Clarkston Rotary, C&S Holding LLC, IFI and ARC investments.
Thanks also to all our supporting partners.
Thank you to our mentors who tirelessly and selflessly give to Clarkston’s 33 high school kids.
They give them opportunities to learn cool things about math, science, engineering, machining, technology!
From 3D printing, LED’s, drones, machining, designing, CNC’ing, programming, publications, graphics, public speaking, business skills … and the list goes on. It is not about just building a robot, but building a community that values STEM.
Coming up, please keep your eyes out for the next season of robotics competitions. We will be sending out eblasts soon on the fall leagues. Sign up is in late May. We will be sending out eblasts soon on summer camps, FLL and JrFLL.
Lastly, the RUSH Regatta will be in July! Don’t be surprised if you get a call for sponsorship for a cardboard and duct tape boat!
Kyle Hughes
Clarkston High School