Letters to the Editor

Sick, sinking feeling

Dear Editor,
Is America really feeling great again? Many Americans do not feel so good about the direction in which the nation seems headed. The fact is many are embarrassed, ashamed and saddened by what is happening to our government, and the message it sends to our children who we want to grow into ethical, honest, achieving adults.
While downtown parking and council squabbles may have local interest, the conduct of the nation’s president and the deafening silence of local congressional representatives in condemning or even acknowledging the environment are of pressing interest to the population, too.
How about some more reporting on these important issues? Surely it should not be difficult to ferret out the hiding places of our missing-in-action congressional reps who appear so fearful of open community meetings and the requirement to give straight answers to direct questions.
The nation is in crisis, with a pathological liar as the chief executive and supporters who enable him.
We have lost our moral compass. Top cabinet officials operate in arrogant secrecy as they pillage the national treasury. Americans say they want change and for the swamp to be drained, but do they really believe that government ethics have been enhanced by this president?
The president cries fake news on a daily basis, but it is obvious that most lies emanate directly from his mouth.
His attorney tells us that the president fears “perjury entrapment” if he testifies for investigators, and purports that every lawyer would discourage the president from giving testimony.
What the counsel fails to admit is the obvious, that Trump’s lawyers and everyone else know that sworn testimony from Trump is fraught with peril only because he lies so readily and regularly.
Truth is his enemy, and he avoids it at all costs, even cost to others. Trump and his lawyers fear not tricks by the prosecutors, but only Trump’s mouth.
They report that the president, the nation’s chief executive officer who owes straight, honest answers to the American people, may want to hide behind the Fifth Amendment, a right of all Americans but exercised almost exclusively only by criminals.
It’s time that our political and press/media leaders call out the conduct of the president, and stop ignoring his transgressions or covering for him.
The nation needs to get back to educational and infrastructure initiatives, income and health care security, and real tax relief for middle America. These things cannot occur with an amoral leader at the helm.
Mike Fetzer
Independence Township

Melting ice idea all wet

Dear Editor,
Please explain this to me.
The March 2 Free Press had an article about the surface of Michigan decompressing after the last glacier melted 11,000 years ago. It is accepted that these glaciers existed from 85,000 years ago and extended to southern Oklahoma and were miles thick in Michigan causing the surface to compress.
As they melted the glaciers created many land forms including the Great Lakes. Humans first appeared 150,000 years ago, but it took until 1804 for earth’s population to reach one billion people.
Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that man was not responsible for the warming required to melt a glacier that was 3,500 miles long and miles thick.
According to a multitude of information published today, “Man Made” global warming causes the polar ice cap to melt, torrential rains, drought, colder than normal temperatures, warmer than normal temperatures, and any other phenomena that people cannot explain.
I would like someone to explain to me how Mother Nature can cause enough warming to melt massive glaciers, but man is primarily responsible for the melting of the polar ice cap.
In 2.4 billion years Mother Nature has not stopped creating ice ages with yearly global temperatures only six degrees colder than today and extreme temperate periods reaching yearly global temperatures 20 degrees warmer than today.
Climate change has existed for billions of years. Humans should do what they can reasonably do to reduce their impact, however you cannot alter Mother Nature.
Thomas Breneiser
Independence Township

Thanks for story

Dear Editor,
I saw the article in The Clarkston News (Postal clerk hailed as hero, May 9)!
I just wanted to tell you, Brenda did a beautiful job putting it together. Thank you so much! I am extremely appreciative of your support. It was a pleasure meeting you. Thanks again!
Best Wishes,
E. Raye Turonek
Clarkston Post Office