Letters to the Editor

Thanks for support

Dear Don and The Clarkston News,
Thank you so much for your support of our annual Kids Day in the Park! This year we struggled with inclement weather but plenty of families were still on hand to enjoy the day!
Kids of all ages enjoyed bounce houses, petting zoo, a strolling magician and many more activities offered by our community partners. We thank you again for your sponsorship and look forward to working with you on our upcoming events!
Amy Laboissonniere
Independence Township Parks, Recreation and Seniors

Letter appreciated

Dear Editor,
I am writing a big thank you to Mike Fetzer for his letter of May 16 (“Sick, sinking feeling”).
Thank you, Mike, for saying what needs to be said often so well! You are right! Our nation is in crisis and as the saying goes, “if you are not upset and angry, you are not paying attention.”
I just returned from a trip to Canada, speaking to some Canadian women about our “situation” and their comments to me were apologies for our POTUS. “We are sorry for you that you have to contend with him.”
Last year in Italy and France folks said to me, “What a shame you have to deal with that man.”
I am so ashamed for our country each day. Your brilliant letter says it all. Thank you for writing it.
Judy McConnell

A call for help

Dear Editor,
Important! We need your help!
Please attend the Oakland County Parks Board meeting, Wednesday, June 6, at 1 p.m., 2800 Watkins Lake Road, Waterford, and show your support for the Historical Bailey Family House.
Preservation Clarkston has been hard at work researching the best option to save this home and assure our community doesn’t lose this important asset. With our proposed plan, Preservation Clarkston would have the ability to restore the home and Independence Township would benefit by adding another home back on the tax books. Our plan allows for community involvement and a unique opportunity for students of the Clarkston Construction Technology program to learn about historical preservation and restoration.
For us to be successful, we need Independence Township to continue to follow its Master Plan regarding rural preservation, and to support the efforts of Preservation Clarkston; and to demonstrate to OCPRC the residents of Independence Township feel strongly about saving the character of their community.
This house is still standing today because of the community support it received last October when it was originally scheduled for demolition. The number of people that attended the township and county meetings was enough to convince the OCPRC that our community does care about our historical assets and that this house particularly is important to us! We need your help again! Please come to the meeting on June 6 at 1 p.m. and show your support.
Jennie DeNio
MLC Building Company