Letters to the Editor

Rules for wetlands

Dear Editor,
I attended the Township Board meeting on Tuesday, June 19, 2018, to provide input to the rewrite of the wetland/watercourse Section 18 of the Code of Ordinances. I suggested six changes that would make the the ordinance failsafe from interpretation.
I have agreed from the time I volunteered for the Citizens Committee to rewrite the Ordinance, that Supervisor Kittle created in 2013, that there are ambiguities in the water course ordinance that need to be corrected. I even agreed that the ordinance can take out the requirements of the Township Ordinance, as requested by Supervisor Kittle and rely on the MDEQ for permit approval to MCL 324.30101 et seq.
I am disappointed in our Township Board. None would meet with me to discuss how to improve the efficiency of the Ordinance.
One change I recommended would tie in the requirements of Sec. 18-108 (b) to the Keyhole Ordinance. The Board only provided reasons why the ordinance as rewritten were good.
After the Board’s discussion, I was not allowed to recommend one key addition. Supervisor Kittle stated I had my chance at the public comment section.
To the Township Board, you have my number, let’s talk.
Fred Daris
Independence Township

Thanks for donations

Dear Editor,
Thanks again to The Clarkston News for the generous donation of newspapers each week for my Current Events class.
Although the kids really don’t appreciate the “feel” of a newspaper, I still prefer that over reading my news on-line. Thanks again for helping the students at Clarkston High School.
Brooke T. Davis
CHS Social Studies Teacher