Letters to the Editor

Thanks for reviving downtown mural issue

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your article “Murals in Clarkston” (June 27),  informing our community of Clarkston Cultural Arts Commission’s plan to team up with the Detroit Institute of Arts to create a new series of murals downtown.

Your article mentions many residents are still “getting over bad feelings” generated by the last time a large mural was commissioned downtown. This project resulted in so much discontent the mural eventually had to be destroyed.

I hope the community understands the vast difference between the 2006 mural project and the project that is being currently being presented to us by Alex Gilford of the DIA.

The painter of the original mural, though well-intentioned and a good artist in her own right, admittedly lacked experience in mural creation. This is not the case with Clarkston born and raised artist Alex Gilford!

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Gilford on a project for a non-profit educational organization in Flint.  Alex has the professionalism, experience and TALENT to get the job done and do our city proud!

Please respond positively to The Clarkston News mural survey. Support Alex Gilford, the DIA and Clarkston Cultural Arts efforts to express the unique history and spirit of our wonderful little town through great big beautiful public works of art!

Linda Merlo


Fellow township trustees give nod to Schroeder

Dear Editor,

Andrea Schroeder is a true leader in our town. Having worked together for nearly six years and witnessing her work ethic, dedication to public service, and ability to work with others to solve problems, we are asking our communities to join us in voting for Andrea Schroeder for our next state representative.

Leadership is more than making motions and casting votes at meetings. We have each seen first-hand how prepared Andrea is for each Township Board meeting. She asks critical questions and is not afraid to make tough decisions. She has served on most of the essential government operations committees and, importantly, shows up for those meetings.

Andrea is not satisfied with just identifying a problem – she solves it. She brought the county’s One Stop Ready program to the township to help streamline the process for starting a business here.

She went to Lansing to testify in front of our legislature, on behalf of the community, to get a hospital built on Sashabaw Road.

Parents concerned about traffic safety near schools reached out to Andrea, who coordinated the effort to get a new signal at the high school and a crosswalk at the middle school.

When residents complained about unsolicited newspaper ad drops on driveways, Andrea used social media to build a list of residents opting out — at no cost to the township taxpayers.

She has represented the township well at county and statewide conferences, and continually seeks to learn better ways to improve our government.

Andrea is a tireless advocate for our community. Through her long history of work with the Optimists, her church, PTAs, and the school district administration, she has earned her reputation as a responsive leader. Vote for integrity and leadership. Be a Schroeder Voter!

Patrick J. Kittle, supervisor

Barbara Pallotta, clerk

Paul A. Brown, treasurer

Ron Ritchie, trustee

Rachel Loughrin, trustee