Letters to the Editor

Easement would protect wetlands, says conservancy

Dear Editor,
Your local conservancy is pleased with the city’s consideration to partner and protect the wetlands of Depot Park.
This jewel of Clarkston is five times larger than many citizens realize. The five developed acres of the park, including the gazebo, lawn and playground, are what people think of as Depot Park, but another 29+ acres are a beautiful wetland containing three streams.
A conservation easement is being considered for this unbuildable wetland to forever protect our drinking water, provide free flood protection, maintain scenic green space, and preserve the Clinton River.
The easement would insure the city would maintain control of the wetland and benefit from North Oakland Headwaters Land Conservancy’s expertise in stewardship and education.
We appreciate that the City Council is giving careful consideration to this proposal, with input from the City Planning Commission and the Friends of Depot Park Committee, as well as the general public. Like the owners of NOHLC’s 39 other easements, the city would maintain firm control of its own destiny and the Depot Park wetlands.
Emily Duthinh, president
Susan Julian, executive director
North Oakland Headwaters Land Conservancy

Thanks to township

Dear Editor,
I am a Boy Scout from Troop 377 and I am writing to tell you about my trip to see the Independence Township Board of Trustees meeting on July 10.
They were all very polite to me when they talked to me and asked me to start the pledge when I got there.
After that, I sat there and listened to them talk about some of the things they had to approve. They talked about some important things like taxes to repair the roads. I think it is cool that the meetings are open to the public and people can listen to these leaders talk about things that are very important to our city.
I even learned that if you have an issue with something, you can ask them if you can speak there and present your issue.
I’d like to thank the board for their politeness and for the opportunity to be involved in the meeting.
Benjamin McGrath
Troop 377 Clarkston