Letters to the Editor

Message for reader in FOIA responses

Dear Editor,
If the city manager has to “issue a 10 day FOIA extension” so she can “calculate the charge” for a simple FOIA request, then you would think the Clarkston City Council would be questioning her ability to do the job for which she was hired to do, manage the city (“City Freedom of Information requests slow for resident,” June 8).
If one day of “back to back meetings,” “a Girl Scout troop,” and “100 students visiting city hall the following day” have prevented the city manager from answering FOIA requests made long before her one busy day, then the city council should be asking the city manager what was she doing with those FOIA’s prior to her one busy day?
It would be understandable if this was a one time event, but that hasn’t been the case with this city manager.
Time and again the city manager has been caught being less then truthful with the public and dragging her feet with FOIA requests. And when questioned about her failure to supply information in a timely manner, this city manager continues to offer the public with unbelievably lame excuses for her incompetence.
A competent city council would have instructed their city manager long ago to handle FOIA’s with utmost importance. Scheduling back to back meetings, Girl Scout and student visits before answering FOIA requests is a dereliction of the city manager’s duty. Especially when she is aware that the city is being sued again for FOIA violations!
By not doing any of the above this city council is showing the public this is how they want their city manager to represent the city. I suggest that in doing so the city should adopt the motto: “Welcome to the city where transparency comes last, if it comes at all.”
Michael Powell
Independence Township

Reminder to vote in township primaries

Dear Editor,
I would like to offer a gentle reminder to my fellow Clarkstonians, the very important local primary elections are soon approaching. Polling stations open on Aug. 2; absentee ballots go out June 21.
Independence has several political seats up for grabs, including township clerk and treasurer.
Ironically, for our local area, the primary election this summer can be more relevant than the general in November. Why? Because our fine community is predominantly conservative, so the November election often, predictably, goes Republican. Therefore, on Aug. 2, we are deciding which Republicans we want to win in the fall, all due respect to my friends on the left.
Personally, I am officially endorsing one particular candidate, Jose Aliaga, for re-election to the Independence Township Board of Trustees.
Over the last four years, I have witnessed Mr. Aliaga legislate exactly how he promised, while often going over and above his call of duty in serving his constituents. His voting record has set him apart as the most fiscally conservative trustee, and his commitment to getting actively involved with the needs of our fellow citizens and local businesses is exemplary to be sure. Trustee Aliaga doesn’t just vote right; he also avails his time and energy as a true problem solver.
Summer Time can be busy, but don’t forget to vote on Aug. 2!
Barry Cohn
Independence Township

Thanks for help cleaning up the pond

Dear Editor,
The residents of the Clarkston Mill Ponds would like to thank Ron Brousseau, Steve Hargis, and Russ Rana for participating in the annual pond cleanup.
The City of the Village of Clarkston City Manager Carol Eberhardt deserves kudos for arranging once again to have the city DPW remove all the collected debris.
Frank Schoebel, Riparian rep.