Local resident flips for work

Sara Holden has been working on her first car flip and shared with The Clarkston News after months of hard work and planning – she completed it.

Sara Holden ready to go for first car flip. Photos provided

“It was epic,” said Holden, a Clarkston resident, adding it went amazing. “Much better than I anticipated.”
She added there was a lot of planning and preparing which included working with a full stunt safety team, lots of prepping the car and working with a welder to design the roll cage.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s local stunt performer Sara Holden doing her first car flip.

Holden doubles for actresses in television shows and movies but is also a stunt performer. Her stunts include everything from basic fights and falls to wire work, car stunts, stair falls, water work and fire stunts. She shared her story in “Clarkston resident finding her niche in Hollywood” in the December 16, 2020 edition of the CNews.
Follow Holden on Instagram @saraholdenstunts. ~WARP

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