A Look Back for November 21, 2018

From The Clarkston News archives

15 years ago – 2003

“Chief wants midnight shift” The new Clarkston Police Chief Ernest Combs wanted his officers on midnights and asked the City Council to consider reinstating city officers on the midnight shift and discontinue contracting the Independence Township Sheriff’s Department substation.
“Sherwood’s forest loses a tree” High winds blew through the area and took down a 40-year-old pine tree outside Howard Sherwood’s home. Sherwood planted the tree when his twins were born.
“Carol book winner” Ten-year-old Robin Weaver from Clarkston won The Clarkston News’ Carol Book Coloring Contest. She won $50 and her work would be showcased on the cover of the carol book in December.

25 years ago – 1993
“Township adopts $13 million budget” A $13 million budget for the fiscal year 1994 was approved unanimously by the Independence Township board. The budget showed a total expenditures of $13,123,169 for 1994, a decrease from $13,179,389 in 1993.
“Recollections” Audrey Jockwig, 90, was a guest speaker at Andersonville Elementary in Gloria Lacey’s third-grade class. She reminisced with students about life in the 20th century and spoke about her rural upbringing.
“Chips flip over local gymnast” Theresa Campanaro’s gymnastics career was in doubt following a serious knee injury. Two years later, the Central Michigan University freshman found herself a member of the most celebrated recruiting class in school history.

50 years ago – 1968
“Yule cards cost six cents to mail” The Post Office Department advised people sending Christmas cards weighing one ounce or less must have a six cents postage.
“Board discusses sewers, approves library bid” The Independence Township Board approved a $101,275 contract for the construction of the new library on Orion Road. The contract was awarded to Schwanz Construction Company, which submitted the lowest bid.
“Round the town” Mrs. Margaret Southerby opened her home on Bridge Lake Road for the regular meeting of the Royal Neighbors. Dinner was served to 20 women, members of the club.