Loyer becomes a Spartan

Clarkston News Sports Writer
Junior point guard Foster Loyer took to social media last week and announced his intentions to play basketball for Michigan State University on Twitter.
“I’m excited,” the leading starter for the Wolves told The Clarkston News after practicing free throw shots. “I’ve been able to go up there quite a few times these last couple of years getting to know the coaching staff, the players and the program.”
He added playing for Coach Tom Izzo, who was inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame this year, also helped in the decision.
“To be able to play for a coach like that is very hard to turn down,” Loyer said.
He added he decided to announce his intentions now instead of waiting so he could focus on his junior and senior seasons.
“You are just playing now for yourself and you are only talking to one school which makes time management easier,” he said. “Coming out here and giving it your all every day for Clarkston and focusing on our high school team.”
Dan Fife, head coach for the Wolves Varsity Basketball team, added he is happy for Loyer and he is able to commit to a college his junior year.
“He can relax and not have all the pressure,” he said. “He can be in his own world, our world. It’s a great gesture for him because most kids would let it go out and put up with it for another year.”
Fife noted Loyer will add his understanding of the game and his experiences to the Spartans’ program.

Foster Loyer jumps for a shot during last year’s season. File photo by Larry Wright
Foster Loyer jumps for a shot during last year’s season. File photo by Larry Wright

“He picks up things extremely quickly,” Fife said. “There aren’t things they can throw at him he hasn’t been involved in or seen. Playing when he was younger, playing up to quicker, stronger, smarter teams he should be able to adapt to that because every level you move up it’s quicker and stronger and there’s more intensity and more expectations. There’s a lot more pressure. He is used to pressure. He is pretty comfortable with it. It’s another step for him.”
Fife added not only does Loyer understand the game but also understands who he is just as well.
“He is a great worker,” he said. “Trying to convince kids how hard you have to play is probably one of the biggest difficulties for coaches in all areas – NBA, college, high school. You have to play hard.”
Loyer noted he learned the importance of hard work not only from his parents but also the Clarkston program.
“Every day you need to get better,” he said. “Every day you have to focus on getting better. Even now I have decided where I am going to school it should be nothing but a motivator for me to continue to work and continue to get better. My family and my parents have always been hard on me for how hard I am working, what I am doing every day. Just being in the gym everyday and getting better is something I definitely need to keep carrying on.”
Fife said Loyer going to MSU is great for the program and the community.
“It’s a great thing for kids who are 6-foot tall to see you can make it,” he explained. “It’s not automatic you can’t play at that level. He’s proven he can. It’s something else really good for everybody to see especially people in Clarkston to see.”
Loyer’s ultimate goal for his junior year is the same as his teammates – the state championship.
“Obviously there are some small steps before it,” he added. “Each game you have to take on by itself, one game at a time. We are just working to the ultimate goal of putting a banner up in our gym.”
Watch Loyer and the Wolves in action when they open the season at Lake Orion next Wednesday. They host Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Prep on Dec. 9. JV begins at 5:30 p.m., varsity follows.