Lucky 3 (and 0)

In their third game of the season, Cagers continued to outshine their opponents.
This time they went against Birmingham Groves, winning the game 70-51, Dec. 18, and bringing their record 3-0.
‘It was a good win,? said Coach Dan Fife. ‘We didn’t have practice yesterday (Dec. 17, cancelled because of the weather), so I didn’t know what we would be when we’d come out, so it was a good win for us. I was happy.?
During the first quarter, the Wolves remained in control of the ball. When Groves happened to get the ball, Clarkston showed strong defense, only allowing their opponents to get four points.
They ended the first quarter, 25-4.
Next quarter, Wolves kept up the pace, continuing with control of the ball and an unbreakable defense. Before going into half-time, Luke Prudhomme scored three points, putting the Wolves, 44-16.
Groves came back from half-time with more of a fight, getting seven points on the board within the first three minutes of the third quarter.
Wolves picked up their defense ? as Groves tried for another basket, Oliver Kupe got the ball away from them.
Before Groves could react, Kupe ran down the court, straight to the basket for two points.
Julius Porter followed Kupe’s action, by intercepting a pass and running down the court to make his own basket.
During the third period, Groves brought their score up to 33 points, but Clarkston remained in control, with a total of 64 points.
With the lead, Fife saw he had an opportunity to put in second- and third-year players.
So in went Tyler Scarlett, Jonathan Baenziger, Matt Calvano and Jared Lawrence.
Both teams spent the last five minutes back and forth between baskets, getting in as many shots as they could.
As the buzzer ended the game, Wolves won 70-51.
‘All of our kids got to play. You want to see them do things in these circumstances. Give them some time where they get out there and get the craziness out and the nervous energy out.?
Tom Ronk, Shane Kouri, and Adam Ratliff were able to play in the final quarter.
‘It was only the third game in the season, so you’re still trying to get your team to identify who they are. For me, to get confidence in them, and them to get confidence in themselves. We’ll still waiting to identify our players,? he said.
High scorers for Clarkston were Porter with 15; Brandon Pokley with 14; and Kupe and Matt Kamieniecki, both with 12.
For Groves, the high scorers were Nolan Proctor with 12 and Jeff Kohl with 10.