Medcenter Pharmacy shares family values

BY BRENDA DOMINICK  Clarkston News Staff Writer

Medcenter Pharmacy staff shares their sense of family with their customers. 

The Medcenter Pharmacy team and David Sakstrup, owner and pharmacist, and co-owner Edward Ghannam, send big thank you’s to all their customers for voting them Best Pharmacy and Best Pharmacist.

“We appreciate your support and your continued business,” Sakstrup said, adding they care about their service and their customers.

Sakstrup said he and his staff go above and beyond to please their customers, assisting and offering manufactured coupons that saves customers a lot of money, especially on brand name and exclusive products.

“We’re primarily a specialty pharmacy with pediatric and dermatology,” he said.

Opened in March 2004, and with 5 pharmacists and 15 pharmacy technicians, Medcenter Pharmacy is family and extends the feeling out to their customers.

Medcenter Pharmacy is located 7210 N. Main Street, Suite 102. For more information call 248-625-3885 or visit them online at

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