More leadership needed

Dear Editor,
While Americans must remain optimistic in the midst of a health crisis and economic collapse of historic proportions, as Americans with strong values and ethic, we must remain objective and unafraid of fact-based analysis and accountability in assessing our condition. Of course, there will be time later to assess responsibility, but urgings by political figures for us to unite must not overshadow good judgment and ultimate accountability as we act now to address the crisis. A head in the sand is not a sign of patriotism. It goes against every lesson and example we provide to our children who are key to the future success of our democracy. Ultimately, truth and straight talking should complement flag waving and must prevail over political blather and bluster.
Regardless of the plethora of self-congratulation and absence of facts presented in the president’s increasingly abbreviated television press conferences where participants limit questions and give few specific, validated responses, the reality is that the crisis we face is largely the result of initial leadership inaction, and the subsequent confused, uncoordinated and slow federal reaction, caused by the president’s failure to acknowledge early warnings by the nation’s intelligence services that the covid crisis was coming.
Apparently, some GOP senators with intelligence data took early heed, quietly unloading their stock holdings before everyday Americans were hit by a sudden loss of their own retirement and other savings, followed by record job losses.
I think the governor has been highly effective, cautious and pragmatic, and wise. I am disappointed in the county; we have good county government but in this case it seems they have lost their way, afraid to take positions or show leadership. Even the sheriff, one of the most effective I’ve encountered, seems to have lost his way, saying he wouldn’t arrest those who violate government directives. Very disappointed that he’s acted as a political hawk and not a leader. Independence Township and City of the Village of Clarkston? Missing in action, as usual, never risking to disappoint.
We all want hope and recovery, but more honest and effective leadership is key, but it, and not toilet paper and bleach, is our greatest shortage now. Pray for an infusion.
Mike Fetzer
Independence Township

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