Mountaineers set new records

Clarkston Everest Collegiate Boys Track and Field team made school and program history as they finished in second place against nine teams at the Catholic High School League Jamboree, April 21.
The Everest team was a co-op with Our Lady of the Lake from 2012 before forming a standalone team in 2017. This season the boys’ team has grown from a handful of runners to nearly a full sized roster.
The Mountaineers also broke school record in six events – boys high jump, discus, shot put, 110-meter hurdles, 200-meter hurdles and girls 200-meter dash.

Gavin Ryeson sets new records in the hurdles. Photo provided

John Morrison finished in first place in the high jump, 5-04, and second place in the discus, 105-01.
Jacob Jackson finished in first place in the shot put, setting the new school record to 42-02.5.
Gavin Ryeson set school record in both hurdle events and taking first place. He finished in the time of 17.00 in the 110-meter hurdles; and 46.20 in the 300-meter hurdles.
Kathleen Thibodeau finished in the time of 28.54 in the 200-meter dash to set a new school record for the girls.
For track events for the boys, in the 100-meter dash, Morrison finished in third place, 12.24; Antonio Santoro, fourth place, 12.38; 200-meter dash, Emiliano Ramirez, seventh, 26.73; Michael Wojciechowski, 16th, 29.13; 400-meter dash, Noah Arbogast, 15th, 1:02.29; 800-meter dash, Arbogast, fourth, 2:30.20; 1,600-meter run, Anthony Felix, 5:40.96; 3,200-meter run, Justin Brzezinski, ninth, 14:45.29.
The 400-meter relay team of Morrison, Ramirez, Ryeson and Santoro finished in first place in the time of 48.20.
The 800-meter relay team of Joseph Milosch, Duncan Brown, Wojciechowski and Morrison finished in seventh place, 2:02.11.
For field events, in the shot put, Morrison finished in tenth place, 27-02.50; Milosch, 14th, 25-11.50; Brown, 20th, 21-11.75; discus, Jackson, third, 99-08; Morrison, seventh, 80-04; Isaac Allard, 21st, 48-00; high jump, Santoro, third, 4-08; long jump, Ryeson, third, 17-08; and Wojciechowski, ninth, 15-05.
For track events for the girls, in the 100-meter dash, Thibodeau finished in second place, 13.80; Jessie Burns, tenth, 14.81; 200-meter dash, Burns, tenth, 32.28; Danielle Brown, 16th, 36.32; 400-meter dash, Stephanie Suran, seventh, 1:13.09; 800-meter dash, Erin Booms, third, 2:58.89; and 3,200-meter run, Theresa Walker, third, 13:31.05.
For field events in the long jump, Suran finished in sixth place, 12-07.50; and Anna Allard, 14th, 8-11.

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