Mountaineers successful on the courts

Clarkston Everest Academy Volleyball teams finished their fall seasons on a successful note.
The 7/8 Volleyball team was undefeated in their 11 games against league opponents. The team of ten, composed of two seventh graders and the rest with eighth graders, lost to Holy Family A-Team in a tightly contested scrimmage.
“Through hard work and effort in practice they developed a mental and physical toughness they can use in all aspects of life,” said Coach Kirby Mirjah. “They worked hard to improve fundamental skills and progress their knowledge and love of the game in preparation for the next levels of volleyball.”

The Everest Academy 7/8 Volleyball team. Photo provided

Mirjah added the players developed a mental and physical toughness through hard work and effort in practice which they can use in all aspects of life.
“While they were dominant in most games, they responded well when challenged and responded well in the face of adversity,” Mirjah said. “These athletes also showed tremendous acts of faith, humility, and sportsmanship throughout the season. Prior to our last game, an opponent asked me, ‘Are you the coach for the really tall and good team?’ Then, she followed up with a smile, ‘but they’re really nice, too.’ That about sums up the season. It was a truly blessing and an honor to coach this group, and I wish them continued success in all that they do.”
The 4/5/6 Everest Academy Volleyball team finished the season with an 12-1 record.
“They embraced uncertainty and change with confidence and grace this season,” said Coaches Leslie Wolschleger and Holly Groves. “We played with fans, without fans, in masks with the attitude of ‘Always Higher.’ We had many first time players combined with sixth graders playing for their third year.”
They added the combination allowed the sixth graders to act as leaders and role models to the fourth and fifth graders.
“Thank you to all of the parents for helping out this season and congratulations on a fantastic and memorable season,” said Wolschleger and Groves.

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