National honors for Psi member

Louise Bisogni

Louise Bisogni of Clarkston was selected to be the 2019 National Sigma Beta of the Year.
Sigma Beta is a national philanthropic sorority. Nominations were solicited from all chapters, with three outside judges making the selection. Bisogni has been a member of Psi chapter for more than 60 years, joining at the age of 19. She has held every office at the local level except treasurer, as well as offices on the province and national boards.
“Her dedication to Signa Beta and the work done to make lives better in our area and nationally is always foremost in her mind,” said Ruth Schluchter of Clarkston. “She treasures the dedicated women she has met throughout the years with the same goal of spreading aid to those in need.”
Sigma Beta is a family legacy, with Bisogni’s aunt, mother, and daughter in law, Jackie Bisogni, who was the 2019 National Convention chairperson, and two granddaughters also active in the group.
Its 96th National Convention was in Troy and hosted by Psi chapter, which was installed in Pontiac 61 years ago. Sorority members attended from Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida.
Local chapters raise money to help citizens and organizations financially and with material goods. They also donate to the National Charity Fund, which distributes funds every year to state and national organizations.
This year, organizations chosen to benefit included DESIN Obi Robotics, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and the Center for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases.

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