National recognition for college graduates

Clarkston has been nationally recognized by LendEDU for having one of the highest proportions of residents that hold a bachelor’s degree.
After analyzing data for over 25,000 American cities, each was ranked according to its percentage of college graduates relative to its current population.
Specifically, Clarkston has 8,676 college graduates out of a population of 46,838, which is 18.52 percent.
These numbers rank Clarkston No. 632 in the entire country and No. 22 overall in Michigan.
“Clarkston truly sets itself apart in many respects, especially in regard to its educated citizens,” said Clarkston Mayor Eric Haven.
Additionally, these numbers can potentially serve as valuable information for any prospective homebuyer as the cities featured in the report, like Clarkston, likely have convenient proximity to high-paying jobs and competitive housing markets which should lead to an excellent return on investment when it becomes time to sell down the road.
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