Navigating life through DIY situations

Navigating life through DIY situations

By Matt Mackinder
Clarkston News Editor

Back in January 2019, Clarkston resident Amanda Vernaci started the Instagram account Come Stay Awhile where her hope was to create a place where people could come to be inspired and gain confidence to tackle their own do-it-yourself projects.
“For a long time, I found myself so focused on what was next instead of what was right now… one day when we start a family, when we buy a house, when we have more money… but I was totally missing what God had right in front of me during those moments of ‘waiting.’ We aren’t promised tomorrow, so I would hate for us to miss what could have been while we wait for what may not be. I love to teach people how to unlock the potential of their current home with a few budget-friendly DIYs.”
Vernaci said social media has become a place where “everyone puts their highlight reel and I always want Come Stay Awhile to be a place where people can come for the real, the real side of projects, the real side of motherhood, the real side of life, not just the highlights.”
“I love showing my community not every DIY is easy and there are always bumps along the way, just like in life, but if we persevere, we will learn and gain so much from the experience,” said Vernaci. “I love helping people transform their homes on a budget and laughing and learning with them along the way. I love that through social media I am able to impact millions around the world, but my favorite part of what I do is when I get to meet my followers in person. I’d love to be able to reach more people locally and help to inspire people in our local community to upgrade their spaces with their own two hands.”
Vernaci, who said her ultimate goal is to have a TV show, has lived in Clarkston for two years with her husband TJ and two-year-old son and “absolutely loves it.”
“We are walking distance from downtown and our favorite thing to do is walk downtown for breakfast or dinner on summer days,” Vernaci said. “Both of our families are in the area. We love how quaint Clarkston is yet still close to major cities. We are foodies and love the restaurants Clarkston has to offer. You can most likely find us at The Fed. We love our neighborhood, filled with families and kids, and it’s such a safe and quiet place to raise a family.”
For more information, visit or visit the Come Stay Awhile Instagram and TikTok pages.


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