New Admin Hires for Schools

From left, Clarkston Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Rod Rock and Board of Education members Steve Hyer, Elizabeth Egan, and Susan Boatman at their Nov. 14 meeting. Photo by Jessica Steeley

Clarkston News Staff Writer
Clarkston Community Schools Board of Education created two new administrative positions at their Nov. 14 meeting –administrator of technology integration, $84,244-$103,609; and marketing coordinator, $72,899-$89,656.

The new technology position will help determine which technology will be implemented using bond money, said Board
of Education President Steve Hyer.

The position will last at least five years, Hyer said, and the administrator will act as liaison between the district’s technology department and how the board chooses to implement the bond, technology wise.

Hyer says the board wants to invest in technology that will help teachers support the curriculum and the new administrator will help the board decide what is necessary.

During the meeting, board members said they need someone who knows how the new equipment works, since they’re investing $10 million into technology.

The other position, which will last indefinitely, will be a marketing coordinator to oversee community engagement.

“We want to make sure the community knows what’s going on in schools,” Hyer said, adding the board was heavily engaged in the community through the passage of the bond and they want to continue doing that.

Hyer describes the marketing coordinator as someone who will continue bond transparency in the short term, update the school district website, and create new forms of communication and interaction with community groups in the long term.

“We want to be 100 percent transparent,” Hyer said. “We’ve been posting community updates, all the great communication and relationship building and community interaction that we got in preparing the bond, we want to continue as we implement the bond and really beyond.”

The new marketing person will work to unify internal and external communications in the district and help to bring back students to Clarkston schools, Hyer said.

He hopes the marketing coordinator will help Clarkston stand out as an area where people want to move their families to. The administration will advertise the two new positions and the board will approve hiring.

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