New dry cleaning business proposed for Independence

The Independence Township Planning Commission meeting this Thursday, Sept. 10, will have on its agenda a proposal and public hearing for a new dry cleaning business in Independence Township.
James Frejat, the petitioner, is looking to open the business at 5905 Waldon Road, a 1.5-acre lot that was purchased for $240,000 on August 11, 2020, according to Zillow.
The lot sits next to Genesys Medical Center offices.
The dry cleaning service would be part of a multi-tenant, multi-purpose office and service building, which would be approximately 9,000 square feet, of which 6,000 would be the dry cleaning operation.
Richard Carlisle, president of the planning firm Carlisle/Wortman and Associates, recommends the proposal for approval, subject to further comments or questions from the township and engineering firm.
As for the design of the building, Jason Longhurst of Nowak and Fraus Engineers reviewed the site plan and sent a letter to the planning commission noting some initial items pertaining to pedestrian accesibility, vehicle circulation, storm water management, and sanitary sewer and water main issues.
The building will be ADA compliant, while the proposed widening/taper for Waldon Road will require a relocation of the existing safety path. The plans currently show the new path being installed immediately adjacent to the roadway curbing. The pathway shall be shifted further south, to provide a buffer between pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
The plan shows a proposed relocation of the existing drive from Waldon Road, with a proposed 100-foot-long taper being provided, and the entrance moved to the east. This taper continues eastward to join with the existing taper at the Medical Office Building and Waldon Center Drive. The widths and locations of the two connecting tapers should be clearly shown on the site plans. The proposed entrance location and approach geometry, along with all other work within the Waldon Road right-of-way, will be subject to review and approval by the Road Commission for Oakland County.
The plans show two proposed inlets and two proposed catch basins positioned along curb lines in the parking lots.
It appears that this storm sewer may outlet to the Sashabaw drainage district. Calculations for the proposed development will need to be provided on the final site plans to indicate adherence to the allocated discharge rates and volumes for the district. If those values are exceeded, additional storm water detention may be required.
It is proposed that a six-inch sanitary lead will connect to an existing 10-inch diameter sanitary sewer located on the Medical Office property to the east. It appears that this sewer may outlet to the sanitary sewer system within the Waldon Pond Townhome development.

— Matt Mackinder

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