New Junior Rotary Club – Clarkston Interact

From left to right, Quincy Garrow, Stephanie Banks, Sophia Fabrizio, and Annabelle Yeloushan plant crocuses in the parking lot at Washington and Main streets in downtown Clarkston. Photo by Joette Kunse

Clarkston High School junior Annabelle Yeloushan is the president and enthusiastic leader for the new Rotary Youth Interact Club in Clarkston.
“I learned about the Rotary Interact and decided to work to form a club,” she said.
The club members planted crocuses around town in the beds near the parking lot and at Pine Knob Elementary School as their first project. The purple crocuses will be a reminder next spring when they bloom of the need to eradicate polio.
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— Joette Kunse

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