New mural work in downtown Clarkston

New mural work in  downtown Clarkston

Watercolor and pen illustration of “The Village of Clarkston,” by artist Alex Gilford.

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) is partnering with the Clarkston Cultural Arts Council (CCAC) to create a 16 x 12-foot mural titled “The Village of Clarkston” on the wall of Union Woodshop in downtown Clarkston, 18 S. Main St.
DIA artists Alex Gilford and Vito Valdez are leading the collaboration with Denyse Couture, creative director of the CCAC.
The mural will include buildings that relate to Clarkston’s historic district and that represent themes such as home, education, transportation, the press, spirituality, and commerce.
A millpond depicted in the lower half of the mural is inhabited by the flora and fauna native to the region. Tying the pond and the village together is the mill, representing the community’s foundation industry of agriculture.
Work began on Sept. 6, with completion by the end of the month.
This is one of three public art projects occurring in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties this year and a benefit of the tri-county millage bringing art into local communities through partnerships with non-profit organizations.