New opportunities for new athletic director

Clarkston News Sports Writer
Jeff Kosin can be seen on the sidelines during athletic events through Clarkston in his role as athletic director since August.
He reflected on his first fall season in the role and the success all of the teams had.
“The amount of success all of our coaches and our players had was far beyond my expectations,” Kosin said. “I always knew we had a very sound athletic program. My expectations on my end were support my coaches and my student athletes with what they needed and anything throughout the season.”
He attributes all the successes to the coaches on every level, from seventh grade up to varsity.
“Our feeder programs are really what makes our varsity sports so successful,” Kosin explained.
What he has enjoyed most about his new role is watching the athletes compete and the Clarkston fans coming out to the events.

Clarkston Athletic Director Jeff Kosin, at right, with John King during the Clarkston Football Program's Golf Outing, Aug. 5. Photo by Wendi Reardon Price
Clarkston Athletic Director Jeff Kosin, at right, with John King during the Clarkston Football Program’s Golf Outing, Aug. 5. Photo by Wendi Reardon Price

“We have a very close-knit community,” he said. “The support we get from our community members, our fans, our parents, other students who watch our student athletes is top notch. We win and lose with class so the most enjoyment I have gotten so far has been being able to watch our coaches and athletes compete at the highest level they can.”
Kosin was assistant principal at the high school when Dan Fife mentioned he was going to retire from the position.
“The position intrigued me,” Kosin said. “I love athletics. I love working with our school, working with our community and I thought what better way to join all three and be an athletic director.”
Kosin played basketball at Madonna University after graduating from Centerline St. Clement. When he was hired into the district as a teacher he also became a coach. He explained he went into teaching to guide and mentor the youth.
The love for athletics extends into the rest of the Kosin family. His wife, April, also coaches and their three sons play football, basketball and baseball.
He knew filling Fife’s shoes in his new role in athletics would be a big task.
“Coach Fife has left quite the legacy with us,” Kosin said. “When you think Clarkston Wolves, you think Dan Fife and that’s very difficult to step into. You can’t replace a Dan Fife at all. The last two years he’s been quite a mentor for myself even as assistant principal, showing me what this position is all about, the ins and outs, how to be successful. I take a lot of what he says and what he has done with great strides to continue what we have done here at Clarkston.”
His biggest goal is to continue the groundwork Fife set in the athletic department.
“I embrace this opportunity. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with our youth and our high school athletic programs,” he said.
“We have one of the best sports programs in the state and that’s because of the commitment our coaches, our athletes and dedication they put forth year after year season after season. I love what I do. I love the kids. I love my coaches.”