New stop sign could slow Holcomb

City Manager Jonathan Smith illustrates where a stop sign could be added to Holcomb Street at Washington. Photo by Phil Custodio

Clarkston News Editor
Council member Jason Kneisc called for a stop sign and pedestrian-crossing sign on southbound Holcomb Street at Washington Street.
The addition would make the intersection, just to the west of downtown, a three-way stop. There are currently stop signs on both sides of Washington, but traffic on Holcomb doesn’t stop at the intersection.
Due to a jurisdictional quirk in the map, the city can place a stop sign on Holcomb facing south, heading towards Deer Lake, but not on the northbound side. That sign would have to be authorized by the Road Commission for Oakland County.
“If we put a stop sign with the stop-for-pedestrian-traffic sign on our portion of Holcomb, I think that would greatly reduce the speed,” Kneisc said. “It could potentially help the county decide to put in a stop sign coming north on Holcomb.”
Council member Scott Reynolds said it could be confusing to drivers.
However, the crosswalk sign, which would be identical to the $450, spring-loaded pedestrian sign on Main Street at Church Street, would lessen confusion, Reynolds said.
The intersection is currently marked with crosswalk stripes, painted on the pavement.
“The three-way stop makes me nervous, (but) I like the pedestrian-crossing sign idea,” said Council member Rick Detkowski.
People would become familiar with it, said Kneisc said.
“The whole point is, this is what we’re doing to make the community safer,” he said. “We’d still have to rely on people to obey traffic laws – right now, it’s just a speedway.”
“If we had that stop sign and pedestrian crosswalk, it would click with people,” said Council member Sharron Catallo.
Council member Susan Wylie said they should consult with a professional traffic engineer to see if it’s a good idea for safety.
City Manager Jonathan Smith will check with RCOC to see if a county official can attend the next meeting to answer questions and provide more information.