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$22G for uniforms

The Independence Township Board split a bid for 2017 baseball uniforms and accepted two quotes, March 7.
The Independence Township Board accepted a bid of up to $9,544.80 for baseball shirts and up to $12,681 for baseball pants, socks, and hats. The combined cost is $22,225.80 for the uniforms.
Parks, Recreation & Seniors Director Derek Smith attributed the cost to the size of the program, which is usually up to 800-900 players.

New generator

A new generator is coming to Independence Township’s Senior Community Center using Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.
The Township Board voted to approve the purchase, not to exceed $39,500, at its March 7 meeting.
The emergency standby generator will use the remaining $38,923.19 from 2014 CDBG funds and $576.81 from the 2016 funds. The generator will aid the senior center and create an emergency gathering place when the community needs it.

Bay Court work

Renovations on Bay Court Park’s Lakeview Building continue as the Independence Township Board accepted a bid in an amount not to exceed $6,150 for the installation of a new tile floor in the building’s bathrooms. The amount only includes labor, the township already bought the tile from Home Depot for $2,111.
“I’m so excited to see this done,” noted Trustee Andrea Schroeder.
Near the end of the Township Board Meeting, board members discussed the opening of Brady Lodge.
Parks, Recreation & Seniors Director Derek Smith said he is aiming for the Grand Opening of Brady Lodge to be in early June, but there is no set date. Electric work at the lodge was just finished and there are still a few projects to be bid on and completed, such as replacing a concrete slab in front of the building.
“The facility looks fantastic, it’s a one of a kind building that’s gonna be a gem in the community for years to come,” Smith said.

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