News in Brief

New benches

The city is considering new materials for new and replacement memorial benches in Depot Park, after a review by administration.
Existing wood benches, which were commissioned by residents in memory of family members, are showing signs of wear and starting to fall apart, said City Manager Jonathan Smith.
“We feel the best alternative is to go to a composite bench, with very much the same look,” Smith said. “Composite benches are easier to clean, will last much longer, not splinter, and are actually 30 percent less expensive than wood benches.”
Composite benches cost about $750, versus $1,000 for the current wood benches, he said.
The Friends of Depot Park committee will review the proposal at its May 9 meeting and report back to City Council, said committee and council member Eric Haven.

Higher speed limits

Heading Up North may be quicker this summer, with increased speed limits on some highways.
This month, the state is posting new 75 mph speed limit signs on I-75 from Bay City north to Mackinaw City, as well as US-127from I-69 to the end of the freeway at St. Johns in Clinton County, and the beginning of the freeway at Ithaca to I-75; US-131from M-57 to the end of the freeway north of Manton; I-69 from Port Huron to Lansing, except through Flint; US-10 from M-115 to I-75; and US-31 from South Oceana County line to US-10.
Speed limits on other non-highway roads in the northern Lower Peninsula are increasing to 65 mph. See for more information.

Weekend events

The annual M-15 Heritage Route Garage Sale starts this weekend, May 6, in the Rite Aid parking lot at Dixie Highway, which benefits Children’s Miracle Network Beaumont Children’s Hospital.
The Heritage Route event includes residents, businesses, and communities along M-15 from Clarkston to Bay City.
On Sunday, head to Depot Park for the SCAMP 2017 W a l k & Roll. Events include a one-mile route for walk, roll, or stroll; and 2.5 miles for bikers and runners. Hot Dogs, beverages, activities and prizes for participants. Register at 11:30 a.m. Call 248-623-8089.