No hesitation

A tradition for the lacrosse team is to never lose their last home game.
They kept the tradition alive, beating Rochester United last Tuesday, 7-1.
‘It was senior night. We like to send the seniors out on a good note,? said Clarkston coach Brian Kaminskas. ‘We asked all of the underclassmen to rise up and play as hard as they can for the seniors and that’s what they did. I am very happy with it.?
The boys kept Rochester United goalie busy by taking a lot of shots on the goal.
A block to the boys just meant to pick the ball up and try again.
Warren Swartz started off the game by making the first goal five minutes into the game.
Rochester United scored one goal in the second quarter. The Wolves reacted by scoring two more goals.
They played a continuous game until the last few seconds. Rob Julian ran past defenders and threw the ball into the net with thirteen seconds left.
‘Absolutely no hesitation,? said Kaminskas. ‘They’re confident. They’re peaking. They are shooting at will. They are taking the lanes when they have them. They’re doing everything we have been working on all season. They are starting to get everything together, like we would like it to.?
Seniors Matt McEntee and Julian stood out for the game.
‘McEntee shot and moved to the ball very well. I am very happy with him. Julian, who is a captain of ours, I thought did extremely well,? said Kaminskas.
‘Andrew Miller was good at face-offs. Adam Zak, who is a junior year attack man, I thought played very well and moved the ball extremely well.?
They continued the week with a loss to Flint Powers Catholic on Thursday, 14-1.
They got back on the field on Saturday and beat Bloomfield United, 8-4.
‘Bloomfield is always fun because we used to coach there,? said Kaminskas. ‘We have a little bit of history.?
During the game, Jon Avery led the team with four goals. McEntee had two goals. Zak and Julian added one.
Andrew Schram, Forbes Dever, McEntee, and Weston Gleiss had an assist.
Their overall record is 7-8.
The team plays their first round of playoffs at home on Thursday.
They will play against Huron Valley Lakeland at 7 p.m.