North safety path

City Council voted 5-0 to approve an agreement with Independence Township to construct a safety path connecting the city’s sidewalk on M-15 at Miller Road to the township’s safety path starting at Brioni’s parking lot.
According to the agreement, the township will pay for construction of the new, 300-foot safety path. The city pays for engineering work, which was previously prepared and just needs to be updated, said City Manager Jonathan Smith.
The city will be responsible for maintaining it, Smith said.
The maintenance provision includes “the clearing of snow and ice from the safety path to the same extent, if any, that the city undertakes the clearing of snow and ice from sidewalks or pathways elsewhere in the city.”
The five-foot-wide safety path would be plowed along with other city paths using the city’s skid-steer loader, Smith said. Work should be completed later this month.