Officials pleased with test results

The scores are in and students in the Clarkston Community Schools district continue to improve in the MEAP testing.
While average results in the Michigan Education Assessment Program testing shows a small difference in some areas – it shows improvement.
‘We continue to be pleased with the efforts of our students on the MEAP,? said Deputy Superintendent David Reschke. ‘Across the board, our students continue to show strength and improvement in nearly all areas of the test.?
MEAP results are used to analyze curriculum and target area needing improvement.
The results rose a few percentages in most areas except all the subjects in fifth-grade, eight-grade science and ninth-grade social studies.
Reading and science for the fifth-graders dropped down while the fifth-grade math, eight-grade science and social studies remained at the same percentage.
The results for the science portion can be attributed to the mandated changes made in the last few years.
The average percentages for Clarkston have also surpassed the averages percentages for Oakland County which has come from focus from the district and staff.
‘Our teachers continue to focus on specific assessment data to make decisions about teaching,? said Reschke. ‘They continue to work cooperatively to plan strategies to help students focus on their strengths and weaknesses. This is all part of the continuous improvement program we have.?
Over the last several years the students have remained steady even why requirements and standards have changed with MEAP.
‘Our teachers work daily to address the needs of students, focusing on assessment of students within the classroom as well as within a grade level or department,? said Staci Puzio, Director of Assessment, Research and Evaluation.
The testing was slightly different this year because it did not include testing in writing and English Language Arts for all grades except fourth and seventh.
The Michigan Department of Education explains the decision was driven by ‘logistical, financial and measurement quality concerns.?
Though the two grades were tested, the results are unavailable according to MDE because they are being used for research purposes in guiding the development of the writing assessments for the MEAP test this fall and every year after.

MEAP scores

Fall 2008, 2009
Grade 3
Math, 97, 98
Reading, 94, 96
Grade 4
Math, 91, 97
Reading, 92, 93
Grade 5
Math, 90, 90
Reading, 96, 95
Science, 96, 91
Grade 6
Math, 91, 95
Reading, 93, 94
Social Studies, 89, 91
Grade 7
Math, 93, 94
Reading, 92, 94
Grade 8
Math 87, 89
Reading, 89, 93
Science, 88, 88
Grade 9
Social Studies, 86, 86